Presidential Memo on Asylum

Presidential Memo on Asylum, 4/29/2019 – On April 29, 2019, President Trump provided a memo to the U.S. Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security which addressed his concerns about the American immigration system and more specifically, about asylum. In the President’s memo, he discusses concerns about the “humanitarian crisis at the border,” and proposes a set of policies to alleviate the American government’s expenditure on the asylum system.

What New Changes are Being Proposed in the Presidential Memo on Asylum

By August of 2019, President Trump would like to see regulations in place that:

  • That cases which have been adjudicated in immigration courts be settled within 180 days;
  • Set a fee for processing an application for asylum, where no fee has ever existed before;
  • Set a fee for an initial application for employment authorization; and
  • Prevent immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally from obtaining employment authorization.

When Will These Changes Take Place?

It is not certain what kind of changes will occur to the asylum program but according to the President’s memo, he has provided the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security with ninety days to create regulations which embody his proposals. These regulations, once developed, will most likely be met by challenges and will take time to be set into immigration law.

How Long Does It Take to Be Granted Asylum?

Based on current figures, the average time for an applicant’s asylum application to be processed, for interviews to be conducted, and for asylum to be granted is between three to four years. This is an incredibly long time for any applicant to wait and with an ever-increasing backlog of asylum cases every year, the average wait for an applicant could take longer.

The process for applying for asylum can be confusing and complicated. It is important to consult with an immigration attorney in order to determine your eligibility and to ensure that your application is in good order before it is submitted for review by the USCIS. The attorneys at Gilles Law, PLLC are here to assist with your inquiries.

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