Know Your Rights with ICE

Know Your Rights with ICE – Under our current political environment, there has been a tremendous surge in immigration enforcement efforts. Many people are scared and concerned about being arrested or detained by ICE even when they are in this country with valid documentation. The purpose of this entry is to inform you about your rights if you were to ever be encountered by ICE agents.

What to Do if ICE is at Your Door?

Normally, when ICE agents show up at a residence, they attempt to gain access to the residence without proper documentation. The agents use fear and intimidation tactics, along with confusing individuals about their rights so that they can proceed with their directives.

If an ICE agent wants to enter your home, they need a signed warrant from a judge – period. If they are unable to produce a signed warrant from a judge, you do not have to let them enter your house. Do not open the door. Keep your door closed and ask why they are there. Ask them to slide a copy of the signed warrant underneath your door if they say they have one.

What if ICE Agents Entered My House Without Consent and Without a Warrant?

Exercise your right to remain silent. You should tell them that you do no consent to the entry or search of your residence, that you are exercising your right to remain silent, and that you want to speak with your attorney. Have members of your household record the entry and they should also exercise their right to remain silent.

You should not speak to ICE. Do not sign anything they provide to you. Make an effort to immediately call your immigration attorney so that they can advise you on the next best steps.

Do I have to Identify Myself or Produce ID to ICE?

No, not unless you are driving a motor vehicle on a public highway or other specific conditions exist. A person never has to identify themselves or produce ID for no reason. For an extensive discussion on this topic, click here.

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