Form G-325A

Previously, Form G-325A was a required form to be included with a family-based petition, a fiancé visa application, or an adjustment of status application. Since 2017, Form G-325A is no longer required to be included with these applications because it has been integrated into the forms themselves.

What was the Purpose of Form G-325A?

The purpose of Form G-325A is to collect biographical information for an applicant. The form asks the applicant to provide their personal information, along with information about their parents, address history for the past five years, employment history for the past five years, and information about their country of origin. USCIS uses the information provided by the applicant on Form G-325Ato determine their eligibility to receive an immigration benefit.

Form G-325A Not Required Anymore

As mentioned above, this form is no longer required to file with a family-based petition since it has since been consolidated into the other applications as of 2017. Family based petitions can involve a tremendous amount of forms, supporting documentation, and other case-specific evidence. It is important to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer before considering this option. The attorneys at Gilles Law, PLLC are here to assist you with your immigration inquiries.

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