Alien Registration Number (A-Number)alien registration number

What is an Alien Registration Number (A-Number)?

An Alien Registration Number is a nine-digit sequence of numbers that is assigned to many foreign nationals who have applied for permanent residence, a waiver, or other types of visas to the United States. If an individual is issued an eight-digit A-Number, a zero may be placed in front of it.

How is an A-Number Used?

An “A-file” is created whenever when a foreign national applies for an immigration benefit or enters the United States through a valid port of entry. The Alien Registration Number is used to track and retrieve immigration files for intending immigrants and some nonimmigrants. It is also used by individuals to identify themselves when they are applying for new benefits or renewing immigration benefits.

How Long Does an A-Number Last?

An individual’s Alien Registration Number never expires because the number is used by the government in case the individual’s immigration file needs to be accessed from the government’s archives.

What If I Don’t Know My A-Number?

An A-Number cannot be looked up online. Not to worry, though, since the A-Number appears almost all documents which are received from USCIS. A-Numbers can be found on the front of a visa, green cards, employment authorization cards, and any letters received from the Department of Homeland Security.

If you are still unable to locate your A-Number, you can schedule an Info Pass appointment with your local USCIS field office. By providing the immigration official with your date of birth and social security number, they will be able to give you your A-Number.

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